High speed automatic blow molding machine

Machine characteristics

Mitsubishi servo motor, fast and fully automatic delivery of billets, for enterprises to reduce costs and increase profits.
Germany Siemens or Japan's Mitsubishi import edgto interface control program, stable performance, simple operation and other advantages.
The photoelectric switch and proximity switch select Omron imported components, the control accuracy is accurate and the reaction speed is fast.
Philips imported ruby infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, uniform heating, energy-efficient 40%.
French Schneider air switches, contactors, switchpower, etc. , durable.
Mitsubishi servo motor drive, equipped with Taiwan's Faston reducer, stable, efficient, energy-saving.
German FESTO oil and water separator and action valve, switching speed, low failure rate, safe and reliable operation.
American Parker high-pressure blow valve, high sensitivity, rapid blowing product molding, single-mode production of 1800.
Action and blowing are divided into two parts to meet the needs of blowing bottles, different movements of different air pressure, to achieve high pressure blowing products.
Mitsubishi servo motor unique two-way synchronous lock mold, opening and closing mold speed, smooth movement.
High-power Mitsubishi servo motor fast synchronous stretching, effective control of product blow-making type, high yield. The whole machine has automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment function, easy and fast maintenance.

* The specific configuration is contract-based and will vary depending on the equipment

Auxiliary equip
Bottle embryo

Machine parameters

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